Mat Pilates


 Feels good to move

Pilates can improve flexibility, increase strength especially the core and heighten body awareness, combining the breathing sequences with the movements, your body will feel stronger with better posture, your mind will feel calm and refreshed after the class.

Pre and Post Natal Pilates    


**Doctor’s clearance for exercises is required prior to the class**


Preps your body for the birth and aids with recovery from delivery 

Pre-natal pilates prepares your body for the birth. With hormonal changes happening, pregnant women’s joints become very supple, during these times, gaining muscles would not be quite possible so our goal is to maintain strength and improve stability with exercises that are safe and well considered for the changing body. Our pre-natal pilates also work on the pelvic floor to lessen the chance of perineal tear.

Post-natal pilates starts your body recovery journey in a very gentle way, your body has been through a dramatic change and it takes up to one year to heal. However gentle movements are encouraged at the beginning for the new body that deserves so much love and care, gradually you will be ready for more strength training that helps you to feel strong again. In the first session, you will receive a diastasis recti assessment.

Pelvic Floor Health

Supple is better than tight 

Pelvic floor awareness has not been talked about much, this is the very reason why we should start paying more attention to it. Kegel exercises encourage tightening of the pelvic floor muscles, which is the most commonly known way of training those hidden muscles. However it doesn’t teach you how to find and feel those muscles without any insertion. In this class, you will learn how to find those muscles and you will understand it’s not just all about tightening and eventually you will find yourself having a healthy pelvic floor that can improve sexual function, urinary incontinence and prevent prolapse from developing.

Diastasis Recti Recovery    

Relax, release, realign and restore 

Diastasis Recti is a separation of the rectus abdominus muscles, commonly known as the six-pack, it is the connective tissue that holds these muscles together is stretched and it results in having a larger than normal gap between the muscles. The condition can lead to sides effects like lower back pain, lack of core strength and poor posture. It’s common to see this condition in postpartum women but men and non-postpartum women could also have this condition due to excess pressure on the stomach muscles, that includes incorrect body mechanics while exercising.

Each private 60mins class is €55; Private pilates package: 5 classes for €265; 10 classes for €500.
Each private duo 60mins class is €40 per person; Private duo pilates package: 5 classes for €380. 10 classes for €720.

Pre/postnatal package A consists of a 60mins pilates class and a 60mins massage for €125; 
Pre/postnatal package B consists of a 60mins pilates class and a 90mins massage for €145.

Private pilates at home is also possible, please get in touch  to make arrangements.