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About us



SineQuaNon Wellness founder Elisa Fu MIFPA /APDHA started her well-being journey with having pain in her knees, a combination of acupuncture and pilates was used to treat and strengthen her body, the speedy recovery was so impressive that led her to become a mat pilates instructor under BASI (Body Arts and Science International) training in 2014.

A year later Elisa started her holistic aromatherapy training with Asia-Pacific Aromatherapy in Hong Kong, a professional course that is recognised by the IFPA (The International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists in the United Kingdom), the NAHA (The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy in the US) and the NZROHA (NZ Register of Holistic Aromatherapists in New Zealand) and in 2018 she became a professional aromatherapist.

Since then she went on to have further education with with the Center For Women’s Fitness to study the pelvic floor health, pre and post natal pilates and diastasis recti recovery work, learning myofascial release work and contemporary vacuum therapy (cupping) with the Asian Academy for Sports and Fitness Professional in Hong Kong.

In 2020, she has relocated to Amsterdam, The Netherlands and this is the birth of SineQuaNon Wellness, bringing the knowledge from different disciplines together to her practice in Europe. Her mission is to help others to find an equilibrium state of the body and the mind. She is currently training with BASI again to become a comprehensive pilates instructor to deepen the knowledge in pilates with the wonderful equipments including the reformer, the cadillac tower, the wunda chair and others alongside with the mat repertoire.

Elisa is registered with the IFPA in the United Kingdom, the NIBIG (het Nederlands Instituut voor Belangenbehartiging Integrale Gezondheidszorg) and the WKKGZ (Wet Kwaliteit Klachten Geschillen Zorg) in the Netherlands.