Fascial Release


Fascial release

Myofascial release

Efficient way to release tension

Each muscle on the body is wrapped around by a connective tissue called fascia and there are many fascial lines throughout the body. When you feel certain muscle tightness, it is not just the muscle that is in this condition, it is also the fascia. Stretching alone offers limited release to deep muscle tightness hence myofascial release comes into play to offer a more efficient method to help the most common tired muscle areas to feel relieved with increased mobility. Each session consists of assessment, massage the trigger point and acupuncture point, stretch, release and re-assessment. Aromatherapy oil will be used to complete the treatment.

Each session (about 45mins) is €50

Vaccum therapy

Traditional knowledge with modern technique

Our vacuum therapy is inspired by traditional Chinese medicine, it combines traditional cupping, tuina, physiotherapy and myofascial release techniques along with aromatherapy oil. Using the FDA approved silicon cups, by pushing the air out of the cups to create negative pressure instead of using fire, together with the M.O.S.S. Protocol (Massaging the acupuncture points, Oscillating, Shifting and Sliding), it can improve circulation, restore muscles flexibility, improve joint mobility and relieve muscles and fascial tension. 

Each session (about 45mins) is €50

Private session at home is also possible, please  get in touch to make arrangements.