Massage therapy

Relaxing massage

A true pampering experience

Our Swedish style relaxing massage incorporates a hand-blended aromatherapy oil by our aromatherapist to relieve the tired muscles and the stressed mind to maximise the benefits of this precious self-care moment that you are looking for.

Deep tissue massage

Release the tension

As we go deeper, we work with trigger points and acupuncture points on the body, it is one of the most effective ways of releasing the tension in the connective tissues and muscles, the sensation of the points when being pressed throughout the massage are literally hitting the spots. Hand-blended aromatherapy oil is used.

Pregnancy massage

Soothes your changing body

Your body weight distribution changes as the baby grows in the belly over time, muscles tiredness are on a different level, on top of swollen feet and leg cramps. With professionally trained aromatherapy knowledge, we formulate an aromatherapy oil blend that is safe and soothing for the mamas to be.

Post-natal massage

Love and care for new mamas

Having a new addition to the family is a great joy, though it can be a very demanding on both physical and emotional levels. We use a holistic approach through giving a relaxing massage and formulating an aromatherapy oil blend that relieve your physical tiredness and support your emotional need. For the new mamas who are breast-feeding, as a safety measure, we suggest pumping and dumping within 4 hours after the massage.

Lymphatic drainage therapy

Detoxify in a gentle way

Toxins stay in a stagnated body that causes pain and heaviness in the affected areas. Our lymphatic drainage massage is not painful and we combine it with detoxifying aromatherapy oil blend, getting rid of toxins has never been easier.

Massage therapies are available in 60mins massage for €80 and 90mins massage for €105.
Lymphatic draining therapy is only available in 60mins for €80.

Pre-natal and post-natal packages are available:
Package A – a 60mins pilates class and a 60mins massage for €125.
Package B – a 60mins pilates class and a 90mins massage for €145.

Home visit for all massage therapies is possible within Amsterdam City. Please get in touch to make arrangements.